We have a commercial trading division which looks after local commercial traders of Pakistani market. This includes:

a. Saifee Trading CO:

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Our Dedicated team of Saifee trading company deals in PVC Stabilizers and other PVC related products. At Saifee trading, we are involved in marketing of PVC ONE PACK stabilizer for PVC Rigid pipes, imported from “Power Additives” – India. We represent Power Additives (India) as sole representative in Pakistan.

Moving ahead, we are about to launch and market PVC one pack for PVC Fitting and other industrial products under the roof of Saifee Trading.

Trader Contact Details

b. Sakina Trading CO:

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This is another new entity of Chemiplast international. At Sakina trading we are involved in trading TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) imported from KLJ India. We are sole representatives of KLJ India in Pakistan.

Sakina Trading Co is managed and run by Ms. Maryam engaged in commercial trading of TPR , Glcyols and other products.

Company is moving swiftly in market development of KLJ Polymers & Chemicals Ltd.

For future, we will be adding new products in our range of trading goods offered by Sakina trading Company in Pakistan.

Global Business Manager

  • Maryam Adnan
  • +92-21-34222429/+92-3322655252

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